Thursday, 19 May 2016

Perfect Chauffeured Service - Over 100.000 prices online!
 Wherever you are in Italy, booking a service is simple and quick
thanks to our online booking system mobile-friendly.
Over 100.000 prices online!

Our main goal is to satisfy the customer

REAL-TIME MANAGEMENT The service order is processed immediately and updated in real time through a scheduled
and customised platform
for the proper execution of the service.
MONITORING OF THE SERVICE Each trip is monitored through a tracking system that verifies the proper allocation of vehicles
and chauffeurs
for each scheduled service in order to ensure efficiency and punctuality.
AUTOMATED NOTICES Two hours prior to pick-up, our system transmits a notice to the chauffeur
who will render the service, indicating
all details in order to drive the Customer with utmost care.
 GEO-LOCALIZATION The chauffeur notifies his position, passenger pick-up and drop-off in real time
in our system and also to the Customer,
in order to be constantly updated