Monday, 18 January 2016

Driver tracking easy technology - We can tracking all our drivers worldwide! Our customers deserve care and attention

Why us

We translate promises into action.


Our mission is to accompany, help, attend our guests during their journey. A well-finished luxury limousine service. We don't offer a simple trip but emotions in our “limousine boutique”. For this reason we translate promises into action. 

Our difference

Since 1998, when the society was born, we continued to perfect ourself and simultaneously high quality brand. We believe that the transport with our luxury cars is like a race; we are the pilots, so we get ready for our guests' journey with passion, sacrifice and self-denial. Customer satisfaction is our final result. Therefore we control our work with online assessment questionnaire.

Driver tracking easy technology

We offer to our customers a manageable system with a simple internet connection from office or smartphone. 
Reservations online are fast and easy. Thanks to our automatic quotation system is possible to receive estimate booking through whichever credit card like Visa, Dinner, MasterCard or American Express. Our best customers will also have a special code for exclusive and priority service. Furthermore our customers will choose if they pay with Euro or with their own currency. 
After the purchase, we'll check with our reservations' system a lot of elements:

Order management;
  • Forwarding the voucher to the customer; 
  • Sending the order to the partner; 
  • Forwarding the order to the driver with the automatic creation of the customer's sign of recognition or everything that our guests want; 
  • Any subsequent change from the customer will be communicated to the driver in real time. 
  • Check and reminder before the service.

We'll send a reminder confirmation voucher to the customer 48/24 hour before the service with driver's telephone number, the car for the journey, the places of departure/destination, and other important travel's information, 

Driver reminder to the driver 24-12 hour before the service, last reminder 2 hrs before pick-up, the driver'll receive again a new communication that it'll permit to locate our guests' position (thanks to GPS). 

There will be also some information about the place and time of loading. This management system allow to reduce whichever mistake. Everything will be automated! It's a considerable saving of time and more .....