Thursday, 30 December 2010

Limousine City Tour Excursion by night in Rome

Tour 3 hrs start in Rome go-back in Rome.

Driving Rome by night discovering the magical atmospheres of illuminated squares, fountains, renaissance and baroque palaces.

Rome during the day, has one charm and one call done of art, culture and archaeology that mix themselvs in a kaleidoscope of colours and feelings aroused in all the people visiting the city, but at night, when they turn on the lamp.-posts in the road, when the fountains are illuminated making to seem them falls of light, when on the birdges, the light of the lamps gradually increases up to reflect its colours on the Tiber, resembling to an illuminated mirror, when the streets of the centre are full of people and lights, when monuments, churches and piazzas put in prominence their beauty with the complicity of the obscurity in a magic game of indirect light.