Thursday, 25 February 2010

Private shore excursion from Livorno

The private shore excursiuon will depart from Livorno and take youto Pisa to visit the Miracle Square with leaning tower of Pisa, cathedral, baptistery and Campo Santo from the architectural complex which is commonly considered one of the most beautiful in Tuscany. The excursion will continue on to the nearby Lucca. Lucca is one of the most representative sights of Tuscany where its powerful past is very visible and enjoyable nowadays.
Pisa was a flowering in the Middle Ages. The greatest legacy is it's unique architecture and art. The Duomo of Pisa was the first cathedral in Tuscany where the innovative Pisan-Romanesque stile was fully developed and later copied in dozens of the Tuscany's other churches. The Leaning Tower of Pisa probably carries the most legends of buildings of its kind, perhaps it was deliberately constructed to lean. Perhaps Galileo, who was born in Pisa and key to the fame of the university of Pisa which is the oldest in Tuscany.
Lucca has a distinctive look amog Tuscany's towns; beneath red-tiled roofs, the buildingd of Lucca are brick, white or cream; the palaces are more open, less fortress-like, and the church crenellations rises slender and delicate toward the sky. Lucca in flavor is more feminine, more aristocratic, and more northern European.