Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Keep your voucher, save €uro 10,00

Keep your voucher save € 10,00 euro
Turn your voucher into a rental coupon.
The rules are simply...
Pay your rent & keep your voucher
Send us by fax or e.mail your booking request & your voucher
Save € 10,00 for your new reservation.
Please notice:
- The initiative is valid for a new booking of the face value superior or equal to €uro 100,00 made in 3 mounth since your voucher day)
- The offer is accumulable with other possible discounts, applied to our tariff.
- The initiative is not valid for permanent clients that have allready special discount price.
- The initiative is valid for bookings made from 01 October to 31 December 2009, other extentions will be comunicated on the web page http://www.italianlimousinenetwork.com/