Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Meeting & Events - Milano

Do you have to organize an event, a meeting, a wedding, a ceremony? Millions of details, small ones and big ones, are upon yourself!
Italian Limousine Network staff is ready to help you out, suggesting transportation solutions, car hire with driver, (limousine service) both with cars and buses of the greatest brands. Our experience coupled with a deep net of international partners are our strenght point, that allows us to be there where our customers have to to organize a meeting, an event, a ceremony.
For the planning of the transfers or travels with car, van, minibus and bus, our staff will be available to meet you or to carry out "chat conferences" with our online service, and you will be able to swap files and to converse in real time. If you have a television camera it will be possibile to bring into effect a video conference, studying specific solutions. We keep under a primary account the following elements:
1) planning of the trips realizable with limos cars, van, minivan, bus
2) optimization of the engaged resources
3) critical states management
4) budget drawing out
5) other
A project-leader will be assigned to you and he will be your reference point for all the transportation needs during the meeting or the occasion. Our staff, once received the confirmation of the meeting or event planning, will handle:
1) the sending of the voucher of confirmation/arrival of each single guest with progressive numbering or sms of notice
2) the monitoring of the approaching flights with the specific internet sites
3) possible critical states
4) the sending of the voucher of confirmation/departure of each single guest with progressive numbering or sms of notice
5) (as an alternative different solutions of information will be decided with you)
6) the invoicing with detailed bill