Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Shore excursion; Pompeii & Amalfi Coast (Positano, Ravello)

POMPEIIYour driver will meet you at the port where he will drive you onto Pompeii avoiding all the problems with parking as he will take you directly to the site. When you reach Pompeii your on-site private local licensed guide will take you on a fascinating two-hour tour through this amazing place. The guide is an option because Pompeii also has a well equipped audio guide also which can be another option. The city of Pompeii had about 20,000 inhabitants in 79 AD, when it was completely covered in 30 feet of volcanic ash by the deadly eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Listen to your personal guide or audio guide as he tells you the history of the city as you take in the baths, villas, theatres and wrestling grounds.POSITANO STOPAfter Pompeii, your chauffeur will descend the winding one-way road that leads to the heart of Positano, a pretty village of seaside villas, covered in orange blossom and roses. Explore the busy central Piazza dei Mulini, connected to a narrow downhill path and some occasional flights of steps that lead to the seafront. Follow the streets to the shops selling ceramics, lemons, shoes and "Positano fashion" clothing, and don't miss the lovely Church of Sant Maria of the Assumption, with its characteristic majolica tiled dome and bell tower.Positano is one of the villages that symbolizes what the amalfi coast is and what you are experiencing taking the amalfi coast drive. RAVELLO STOP Then the next stop which is the jewel of this area is Ravello drive uphill drive along a narrow road, passing several vineries and olive factories on the way, to Ravello, a rural village unspoilt by tourism, perched on top of the mountain cliff above Amalfi and Minori. Famous for its breath-taking views, the natural beauty and ancient monuments of Ravello are presented at their best in the gardens of Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo. Ravello is the viallage of inspiration where past personalities such as the calibre of Winston Churchill , Kennedy & Wagner where inspired by the area an wrote part of there work from there visit to Ravello.FINAL DRIVE ALONG THROUGH THE COAST THROUGH AMALFI & BACK TO THE PORT OF NAPLESNext drive through the mountains and villages to reach the busy square of Amalfi, stop a moment Then follow onto Naples Port to return in time for your cruise embarkment.Your driver will guarantee you and your party a memorable and informative day along this important part of italy our port shore excursion will make sure that you have the opportunity to samples both the traditional villages and there customary way of living and the magnitude and historical value of Pompeii, Positano and Ravello & return via Amalfi is the excursion for you. Ask your quotations info@clabservice.com