Friday, 31 July 2009

A limousine driver needs ...

There are some aspects of being a limousine driver and one needs to fulfill all these criteria. The driving criteria are:
- A limousine driver needs to undergo a limousine driver training and obtain a certificate.
- Being limousine driver does not mean you are driving just another car. You should be well aware of the traffic rules as well as the parking rules in the city.
- A good limousine chauffeur knows his limousine very well, so that he can keep the limousine as well as the passengers' safe at the same time.
- A good limousine driver should know the city well. If there are traffic jams then he should use short cuts or alternate routes to ferry passengers on time. Knowing how to use a GPS device effectively can be a boon.
- After having undergone limousine driver training the driver must obtain a license from the vehicle department.
Now the other important aspect required to become a limousine driver is that you need to have good people skills and hospitality skills. Things required under this head are:
- The driver has to learn about the proper or appropriate dress to wear at duty. The dress should give a classy and sober look to the limousine chauffeur.
- A limousine driver should learn to carry himself with class and confidence.
- He should be well aware and awake to handle crunch situations, while respecting the safety of the passengers.
- The driver should anticipate the requirements and try to meet the needs of the passengers.
- The limousine driver should have sound communication skills with enough knowledge or aptitude to converse with passengers effectively. Actually, he should learn how to strike a good situational conversation with the passenger.
- Should learn to welcome and bid adieu to passengers with a smile and not let personal issues ruin someone's trip.
A limousine driver should always be ready to help his customer or passenger. He should be self-motivated as well as maintain a professional attitude always on job. Punctuality is the demand of the chauffeur industry. The basic thing to become a limousine driver is that you should learn to drive a limousine smoothly and obtain a license to drive a limousine. As well as learn to be happy and hospitable to your passengers at all the time.