Friday, 31 July 2009

Como lake with limousine service

Como Lake with limousine, car hire with driver
It rises at the southern extremity of the west part of the Lario lake, in a small basin that was created during the tertiary age from the storage of alluvium material. Como is considered a province town, known all over the world for its beauty and the silk working. Como Lake is the deepest lake in Italy and one of the deepest in Europe. The weather is meek and its position attracts many tourists at any month of the year. In Como you will visit Villa Saporiti (La Rotonda), Palazzo Volpi, that was built between 1610 and 1630 by the bishop Vulpiano Volpi, Torre di Porta Vittoria or porta Torre, the most ancient and imposing of the Medieval towers that Como still can be proud of. It was put up on 1192 together with other works that had a defensive function. You will visit il Broletto, building with a Gothic fa├žade and white, grey and red marbles, whose construction begun on 1396 over the ancient Romanesque basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore. The two lateral doors are generally considered the masterpiece of the brothers Tommaso and Jacopo Rodari, although an intervention of Bramante is supposed for the elegant Medieval door. From Como it will be possible to take a public navigation boat to look over from the lake itself the other Villas that surround the lake shore, or to reach with the limousine the town of Cernobbio, a splendid city only 5 minutes away from Como, seat of the famous hotel Villa D'Este where the important Italian and worldwide meeting take place.